Dreamscapes/ Saturday Night Fevers…

Dreamscapes Some things I'll speed for, Other things I'll bleed for, Just can't get past the feeling that I need more.   Losses counted up and assessed for value like spare change, Wins added to the belt as my life prepares to rearrange, Funny how quickly things become surreal and strange.   Like flowers blossoming … Continue reading Dreamscapes/ Saturday Night Fevers…


Phantoms/ Mental Health Monday

Phantoms Refused to hear me in life - wouldn't listen to the reason I gave, But now you disturb my blessed peace, while I rest in the grave. Now you want to listen to all I have to say - But when I was alive, I talked till I was blue in the face. You … Continue reading Phantoms/ Mental Health Monday

Drowning/ March Madness…not basketball but life

Drowning We're drowning in pools of new...bathing suits drench from seas of you. Gathered and collected like rocks from the shore. Skipped like heartbeats across glassy surfaces shattering the things we adore. Floating on love because we're swimming in space. Getting lost as we go deeper, I fall ever quicker when I see your face. … Continue reading Drowning/ March Madness…not basketball but life