It’s almost graduation day!

Tuesday, the day before graduation and I am silently cheering my baby girl on as she works hard to complete last-minute assignments. It happens. She was so swamped during the school year with community service programs, orchestra performances, and Ariya duties that her work suffered. Man...I know the feeling. College was like this for me. … Continue reading It’s almost graduation day!


Faint / Call Me

Short breaths my mind swims causing dizziness I bite down to brave the darkness. Short breaths my eyes roll to see nothingness I buckle under pressure of the weight of love. Short breaths I fall into and out of love in quick succession back to back who's the light of my world and who paints … Continue reading Faint / Call Me

This mood…💋💋💋 / Thoughts On Writing

A glimpse of moonlight, a sultry touch of heat, a little of something familiar, a breath of something sweet. Staring down into pretty brown eyes beneath me, muscles roll and flex waiting patiently for his surprise can't wait to see what's next. Tugging hair gently kissing skin so sweet I can't even begin to think … Continue reading This mood…💋💋💋 / Thoughts On Writing