The View From Here / Sunday: Rhythm and Words ðŸŽ¶

Unreal, unremarkable me - couldn't see the forest for the trees looked everywhere high and low but the leaves got in my way and nothing they would show I wanted to see the depth of the forest the needles on the earthen floor but these tall trees blocked me shielding my view even more I … Continue reading The View From Here / Sunday: Rhythm and Words ðŸŽ¶

Pillow Talk / Awesome Stuff

Whispering promises under moonlight, we dare not speak them aloud - quiet as kept, the peace we keep won't even make a sound. Your breaths give away your position as I seek to find the signals in your frame - just remember that when you see me, there's no need to speak my name. What … Continue reading Pillow Talk / Awesome Stuff

The Love Dare / #TeamMe….I guess ðŸ¤·â€â™€ï¸

How dare we be so nonchalant about love when there's an ocean of stars between us? Lighting our way in the darkest night their own hearts can't believe us. Each night they slip into our dreams - then fill our heads with things unseen. Oh, how I wish that we were able to understand all … Continue reading The Love Dare / #TeamMe….I guess ðŸ¤·â€â™€ï¸