Terrible Two Tantrums and crying at parties

This is the birthday boy…Kai.

Kai at the St. Louis Aquarium in Union Station

I’m told he enjoyed himself a great deal and that he said “oh wow” a lot at the things he saw.

Yesterday, we held a birthday party for the big boy…in which he tried to become invisible when we started singing.

We sang, he judged, it was very America’s Got Talent 3xs on our voices
When you turn 2 …you unlock invisibility

The Paw Patrol cake was delicious. Mr. Porter (paw patrol shop owner/baker) would be proud. His cousin kept requesting apple pie as he stuck his fingers in Kai’s cake to taste the icing. We had to serve what we had which was cake abd sherbert.

At the end of the night and what I could not capture with my camera was the epic meltdown that he and his cousin, Austin, had. Kai went into full blown tantrum possibly due to sugar, tiredness, and not wanting the party to end. His cousin thought his mother left him (she went to get her car to park in front of the house) and then he was told to return a toy that belonged to Kai. Kai wanted the toy… Austin’s made him give it back.

There was tears, screaming, kicking, dramatic fall outs to the floor and all the grannies in the room offering unwanted advice. I’m officially two years into the game (grandparenting) and I decided to sit that one out. They offered up all kinds of stuff…the kids weren’t having it. And all the other kids were in shock at the display.

Ari… one of his cousins… gave Kai a hug and told him she’d see him later. I remember her being temperamental as a baby too and I began to wonder if Kai would even out like that. She was soooo polite and sweet.

I have high hopes for him. He needs a lot of teaching and patience. I can do both but the big stuff is where his parents need to step up so that his first days of school aren’t so rough.

I’m told they both fell asleep on the car ride home. Both thoroughly pooped out. And I can report that after cleaning up their mess… I did the same in the middle of watching TV. My daughter stayed the night and helped out a great deal.

Kai made out like a bandit… he got toys and money and more yet to come.

He likes hanging out with kids his age. He doesn’t understand that not everyone wants hugs or knows how to share. So it kinda hurt his feelings when he was pushed away from the hugs.

I guess now it begins… the hardwork of rearing. Sure I’m just ‘nanny’ or ‘ganny’ but I have a part to do too. I can’t spoil him every second of every minute every day. As much as I want to, I realize that’s unhealthy. I want him to succeed as a tiny human …not set him up for social failure. Every one of us needs boundaries and had to at some point learn to respect others boundaries or set them. It’s a good thing to learn early on.

I wish I could’ve got a pic of him feeding himself cake. It was a very sweet moment.

Instead, I have this… the seconds before the carnage began. Lol

Pre-game face

Aside of all the crying… it was a good night. And I’m still tired. I played all the games and made all the noises… that made them laugh. They had fun and I’m glad.

Eat the cake!

My son JUST sent this video of him eating the cake… now I know you see the difference in picture quality…and all I’m going to say is I will choose my Samsung phone every time. Why is his iPhone picture quality that terrible? Lol we have these arguments all the time… if you’re going go spend beaucoup on a phone… make it worth the purchase. But he likes to tell me about all the features his phone has that he’s not even using smh …okay.

Anyway, let me step down off my soap box. Life is more than arguing over a cellphone type or brand… it’s less about that and more about two year old birthday parties with cake and sherbert. Sherbert because the kids… every single one of them is lactose intolerant. How on earth…

Unexplainable shock

Yall… I don’t even know.

Be good humans ❤️

Eat the cake! 💋


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